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Bromo Volcano Java Indonesia

Bromo Volcano | Mount Bromo National Park is the only conservation area in Indonesia that has a 10 km sea of sand called Tengger, from which four new volcanic cones have emerged.

Those volcanic cones are Mount Batok (2,470 m), Mount Kursi (2,581 m), Mount Watangan (2,661 m), and Mount Widodaren (2,650 m). Mount Bromo is still the only one that is active. Temperatures at the top of Mount Bromo range about 5-18 degrees Celsius.

Mount Bromo active volcano in East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo Being the largest volcanic region in the province, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers a massive area of 800 square km in the centre of East Java.

Visitors who have an eager interest in volcanic activities must come to the park and witness the smoke of ashes coming from Mount Semeru, an active volcano that rises 3,676 meters above sea level.

Get There

By Air to Mount Bromo | Bromo Volcano

You can fly with Sriwijaya Air, which flies twice daily to Malang from Jakarta. There are also many flights from airlines such as Citilink and Batik Air that fly daily from Jakarta to Surabaya.

Mount Bromo active volcano in East Java Indonesia

By Land Bromo Volcano

There are multiple ways to get into the park. Visitors can come from Probolinggo through the village of Ngadisari. They can also take the north east approach via Pasuruan through the village of Tosari. The Probolinggo approach is the easiest and by far the most popular route, especially if the visitors are travelling by public bus.

Wonokitri is the closest and the easiest approach if you are coming by private vehicle from Surabaya (5 hours journey). Once you arrive at those villages, you have to rent 4×4 vehicles to get closer to Mount Bromo. Most tour groups from Surabaya stay overnight at Tretes, where there are several hotels, as there are in Malang, which has the added advantage of having an airport. Alternatively, you can also contact a travel agency to arrange your trip.

Mount Bromo active volcano in East Java Indonesia

Get Around Bromo Volcano

Many visitors choose to walk while they arrive at the park. There are clearly marked tracks across the sand sea that leads to the foot of Mount Bromo. Alternatively, you can rent a jeep or hire a horse from Cemoro Lawang to get around.


Outdoor Activities in Bromo Volcano

Tengger sand sea with its 5.250 hectares area will make a perfect place to walk around or ride a horse and feel like a wild west cowboy. You can also hike to the top of Mount Bromo or, if you feel challenged enough, to the summit of Mount Semeru, which is the highest mountain in the land of Java.

For other options, you can watch the beautiful sunrise from Ranu Kumbolo, where the sun will slowly emerge from the valley between the two hills something just like a fairytale. You can also visit the nearby waterfalls such as Madakaripura, Coban Sewu, Coban Pelangi, and Coban Jahi waterfalls.

Mount Bromo active volcano in East Java Indonesia

Most of the Tengger natives embrace Hindu teachings as their religion. Therefore, there are several Hindu temples around Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. You can visit Kidal Temple, Luhur Poten Temple, Mandara Giri Semeru Agung Temple.

Signature Experience

Besides all the natural wonders, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park also has its own cultural charm. Ngadas, a serene village up on the slopes of Mt. Bromo, will be a fun thing to not be missed. Situated in the highlands only 6,5 KM away from the majestic Mt. Bromo, the average temperature is around 0 – 25 degrees Celsius, with cool to relatively cold refreshing air.

The villagers, which mainly consist of Tengger natives, still practice the ancient rituals and ceremonies that are believed to bring order, good fortune, and prosperity.

Mount Bromo | Entrance ticket Price to Bromo Volcano East Java

entrance fee to Mt Bromo is always in talking by foreign tourists, therefore we will give info about the latest Bromo ticket prices. For those who are tourists both domestic and foreign tourists.

the province of East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many beautiful attractions. Which makes a lot of tourists want to spend their vacation by a visit to this province.

Entrance ticket Mount Bromo East Java

How Much the Entrance Fee info to Mount Bromo East Java

The price of admission to Mount Bromo turned out to be different, almost the same as the entrance fee to Mount Semeru. For domestic tourists, the admission price has increased per May 2015 to IDR. 27,500,- IDR. 29.000,– rupiah, from the original price of IDR. 10,000,- rupiah. Price IDR. 217.000,- Idr. 220.000,- rupiah must be paid by tourists from abroad per May 2015 if you want to go to Mount Bromo. Experienced an increase from the initial price of IDR. 57,000 rupiah.

Prices are only valid on weekdays. And it will be different again if it comes at a weekend or holiday. Domestic tourists must pay an entrance fee of IDR. 32,500 Idr. 34.000,- rupiah, and while for tourists from abroad will cost IDR. 317,500,- Idr. 320.000,- rupiah. So, Below for the updated entrance fee 2020 to Bromo:

FOREIGNER (WNA)Rp. 220.000,- /DayRp. 320.000,-/Day
LOCAL VISITORRp, 29.000,- /DayRp. 34.000,- /Day

Finally, Entrance fee to Bromo, there is a very drastic increase, but the price will not be heavy anymore and will not be felt if later we will be treated to amazing natural panorama charming.

Link Booking Ticket Mount Bromo


Entrance ticket Mount Bromo East Java 2021

How high is Mount Bromo volcano?

Mount Bromo is 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) above sea level but despite its immense popularity, it isn’t even the highest peak in the region! Don’t worry, when you hike up to the summit you will already be high above sea level before you begin so you won’t actually be hiking 2,329 meters. That is just how far above sea level the peak is. The actual trek to the top takes only about 20-30 minutes depending on your fitness level.

mount bromo hike

Mount Bromo hike

After arriving in Cemoro Lawang, you can leisurely climb the mount Bromo crater and recognize the energetic volcano without crowds.

Mount Bromo is 2,329 meters excessive, however, the hike to the top of the crater is easy. You can walk for around 25 minutes. There is a fixed of steep steps main to the pinnacle of the mount Bromo crater, however, they are not overly hard. or you can go by horse riding

mount bromo hike

Mount Bromo is a lively volcano, with the latest eruptions taking place in 2004, 2010, 2011, and 2015. Therefore always test earlier than visiting what’s the modern-day situation.

The landscape looks like from some other planet. The enjoyment of the pinnacle of the Bromo volcano is also very special – you can listen to the inner of the earth. The sound coming from the middle of the volcano rings a bell in my memory of the sound of a starting plane. It changed my first time hiking the lively volcano and it turned into an exquisite experience.

mount bromo hike

Best time to visit Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo hike

Mount Bromo is one of the famous sunrise and volcano in east java Indonesia. It in order occurs to be surrounded by way of numerous other volcanoes in one of the most magnificent landscapes you’ll ever set eyes on. Jeep excursions to mount Bromo are one of the maximum popular sports in east java

Best time to visit Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo Indonesia

When is the best time to visit Mount Bromo?

In terms of weather, the best time to visit Mount Bromo volcano is during the dry season from April until October.

Rainfall will be high from November to March, and in the morning it will be foggy so that we cannot see the beauty of the sunrise. but the Bromo Tengger National park is still open to visitors during this period.

Where is Mount Bromo located and what does the landscape look like?

Mount bromo is positioned inside the massive tengger caldera in bromo-tengger-semeru country wide park in east java. The nearest essential city serving worldwide flights could be Surabaya, which is about four-five hrs’ of power away. There are five volcanoes within the caldera; mount Bromo (2,329 m), mount Batok (2,470 m), mount Kursi (2,581 m), mount Watangan (2,661 m), and mount Widodaren (2,650 m).

Best time to visit Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo Indonesia

The 5 volcanoes in the caldera are surrounded by an enormous location of sand called the lautan pasir, which in turn is covered by using the steep crater wall of the caldera.

Mount Pananjakan placed at the caldera’s rim is one of the first-rate locations to watch the entire volcanic complicated. From mount Pananjakan, one also can see the majestic fuming mount Semeru (tallest mountain in java) positioned in the south at the back of the caldera.

How long does it take to climb Mount Bromo?

The trail to the top of Mount Bromo Summit is free. It takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how quickly you can haul yourself up the sandy slope. Many tourists decide it is a good idea to have a horse haul them up the hill.

How to climb Mount Bromo?

Mount Bromo is an easy climb and is more about exploring the expansive crater. Generally, people start from the Mount Penanjakan viewpoint (technically, Mount Bromo is the small volcanic dome in the middle of the crater) at sunrise.

Then you descend into the caldera, and either walk, ride a horse or take a motorbike to the base of Bromo in the middle of the caldera.

If it’s safe, guides will help you scramble to the top of the volcanic dome, otherwise, you can explore other parts of the caldera. An entrance ticket must be bought at the Park entrance. Getting to the first viewpoint can be done by jeep.

Time to climb | Mount Bromo hike

Most tourists spend the night at the nearby village of Cemero Lawang and opt for a jeep ride up the viewing points on Mount Penanjakan and down to the Sea of Sand before arriving at the base of Mount Bromo, from where everyone walks up the stairs to the edge of the crater.

If you are opting for jeep and horse rides to Mount Bromo and back and only scaling the stairs on foot, the entire trip will take you less than half a day.

Best time to visit Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo Indonesia


Wake up early, and start from your village for Mount Penanjakan. It is a tradition to stop by here to catch the sunrise before hiking up Bromo.
Watch the sunrise over the hills as active volcanoes with fuming cones in the Tengger caldera are slowly lit up, including Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, the tallest volcano in Java.
Walk down to the jeep that takes you down the slope and to the bed of the caldera. The jeeps park by the side of a Tenggerese Hindu Temple called The Poten and from there you will begin the journey across the Sea of Sand.
Walk across the Sea of Sand in a half hour or so on foot or in 10 minutes on horseback. This is a large carpet of powdery sand and with all the rush of horses and people, there will be quite a bit of sand in the air too.


Start the walk up the stairs to the summit of Mount Bromo. There are 240 of them, with a few rests stops along the way if you would like to take a break. The stairs are equipped with handrails to ease the difficulty of the steep incline. But the constant ash spewing from the crater and the swirling sand can make it slippery in certain parts.

Reach the crater rim. You can walk around the rim and watch the fumes from the crater or look around at the surrounding landscape that has an almost lunar quality.
Walk back down the stairs to the base and embark on the return journey to the village.

Entrance fee Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo hike

Entrance fee Price to Mount Bromo East Java or entrance fee to Mt Bromo is always in talking by foreign tourists, therefore we will give info about the latest Bromo ticket prices. For those who are tourists both domestic and foreign tourists.

the province of East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many beautiful attractions. Which makes a lot of tourists want to spend their vacation by a visit to this province.

Best time to visit Mount Bromo | Mount Bromo Indonesia

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