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Banyuwangi is one of the beautiful city which is located on easternmost part of Java Island. Banyuwangi has a variety of cultures and customs, that the Government of Tourism try to introduce to Indonesia until International level. Such as One Thousand Grandung Festival, Banyuwangi Painting & Photography Exhibition, Kuwung Festival, and et cetera. Not only that, Banyuwangi also has a tourism sector that is very attractive in the eyes of the world. One of the best destinations it is Ijen Crater.

Ijen Crater is one of the volcano mountain that is located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. It has the highest peak 2.799 meters above sea level. Ijen mountain, it’ve been the most iconic places in travelers side. The beautiful of views in Ijen Crater always made the travelers or hikers fall in love with this place and never feeling dissapointed.

So, what makes Ijen Crater Lake so special? That is we’ll discuss in here. Check this out!!

  1. The Phenomenon of Blue Fire

One of the phenomenon that is been known to the world is the phenomenon of the blue fire. Yeah, BLUE FIRE, Did you ever heard abaout that? Trust me, its one of the gorgeous phenomenon . It often hunted by the tourists. Why ?

Because  is the rare phenomenon that only two in the world, after Iceland.

Actually, the blue fire has been there a few hundred years ago or maybe a thousand years ago. And yet, the existence was known around 1950. Blue fire formed because the solfatara hole with sufficient hot temperature (600 degrees celcius) are burning the closest sulfurs, always made them look wonderful.

blue fireBlue fire only can seen when in the early morning at 01.00-02.00 WIB (Indonesian West Time). if you want to see it, you should arrived in Paltuding Ijen more or less at midnight than you’ll wait until the counter are opened. Usually the climb starts at 1 am. The trip for go to the top of Ijen Mountain it takes more or less 1-2 hours to travel.

For more attention to the tourists or hikers don’t go down to much. Cause we’re worried the smoke will make it shortness of breath or the worst possibility will take out the toxic gas. So, please bring and used your gas mask, and more carefully.


blue fire kawah ijen

  1. The Turquoise of the Lake

Ijen Mountain also has the gorgeous crater lake in the world. The colour of this crater lake is turquoise, when we see that, its look like the sea. The Ijen Crater Lake has a depth 200 meters, that the crater has a high acidity that is close to zero. So that could dissolve the human body quickly. When we see the crater lake from the peak of Ijen Mountain you will see the oldest dam of Ijen Crater. The Ijen Crater Dam has builted when in the Dutch era. It functions to avoid the overflow of crater water.

The part views of this crater lake is very suitable for as an instagramable photo place. Sometimes this parts are used for pre wedding photo, honeymoon, and choosen for film production area.

  1. The best sunrise ever

The ending of the beautiful of views in Ijen mountain when the sun show up their rays. The most awaited moment by the hiker. So that why the city of Banyuwangi has a nicknamed “The Sunrise of Java”, ‘cause this city has the best sunrise ever.

So many tourists, hikers, even Indonesian and overseas artist come in here. Cause they know if this mountain has the unforgettable moment for their trip. If you want to see this moment, you should arrived on the top of Ijen Mountain before at 4 o’clock. While waiting for the sunrise, you can enjoyed the exotic view of the blue fire.

So, for the tourists who want to fill their vacation with the best trip “The Ijen Crater of Banyuwangi is the choise”.

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