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Ijen Crater Travel tips to visit Ijen Crater | Kawah Ijen | Ijen Volcano

Ijen crater is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Banyuwangi city this year. Mount Ijen also holds the title of the 7th most popular tourist destination in the Indonesian Google version. The mountain is famous for the phenomenon of Blue Fire and there are only two in the world to make tourists curious about the phenomenon.

By the way, what things do you need to prepare before heading to Mount Ijen? Well, that’s what we will share with you here. Check this out!!!

  1. Physical Preparation | Ijen Crater

The first thing to prepare is physical preparation to stay fit. Hiking is different from when we are on a picnic or just doing cheerful camping activities in front of the house and taking pictures without paying attention to nature around us. Climbing is about to reach the top and return safely. Climbing is about getting to know nature and ourselves.

When we make a climb, we will feel tired because the terrain of Moun Ijen is quite difficult. Plus cold weather and increased body temperature so that the heart will continue to pump blood throughout the body. If under these conditions still force to rise, then what happens is we will be exhausted, the heart will pump too fast and the worst possibility is death. Therefore this is the important role of physical preparation. If we prepare for our physicals at least one week in advance, routine jogging, then we will not feel tired quickly.

  1. Jacket and flashlight | Ijen Crater

Climbing a mountain is certain we will be above 2000 to 4000 meters above sea level. At that time the temperature will increase, even reaching minus degrees Celcius. Therefore it is necessary to have winter clothing so that our body temperature is maintained and the possibility of hypothermia will be smaller.

In addition, lighting is also important in a climb because when on the mountain is very minimal light. Lighting tools also help make it easier for us when making a climb, the terrain we are facing will appear very clear.

  1. Bring a mask if you want to live |Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen has a rare phenomenon that is among only two in the world, after Iceland. This phenomenon is the main attraction for tourists to continue to visit Mount Ijen. The phenomenon is Blue Fire or Indonesian people often call it “Si Api Biru”.

To see the phenomenon of “Blue Fire” tourists must go down a rocky road as far as approximately 1 km which on the right side is a ravine.  After reaching the peak to see the uniqueness of Blue Fire, tourists must pass through a path that is quite difficult with a distance of approximately half an hour.

Around the Blue Fire View Point area, you will indeed enjoy the beauty of the Blue Fire, but other than that we must be willing to make our eyes ache and shortness of breath because of smoke from the mining area that is very stinging. Therefore don’t forget to bring a mask, you can also rent a mask from local residents.

ijen crater tour


  1. Logistic 

For approximately 3 hours you will climb Kawah Ijen.  From the beginning to the end of the climb our energy will certainly be increasingly drained. And humans are one of the highest levels of consumptive beings and food is one of the energies required by humans. So for the tourists, it is recommended to eat before climbing. It would be better if we could minimize plastic waste on top of the peak by having dinner first at the hotel or stall in the parking area, so you only need to bring a tumbler that is filled with drinking water.

ijen crater tour

  1. Obey the Prohibition From the Officer

The fifth tip that needs to be considered is obeying the prohibition from the officer of TWA Kawah Ijen. Because Mount Ijen is one of the mountains whose terrain is quite difficult and sometimes the temperature and the weather often change, for this reason, we need to obey the restrictions that have been explained by the officers and prepare the things above.

For example such as “Do not get too close to the miner’s area or the sulfur area”, this is due to maintaining the security

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