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5 Tips to see Blue fire kawah ijen

5 Tips to see Blue fire kawah ijen

Blue Fire

The blue fire is a natural wonder that can only be seen at Ijen, It is only visible in the extreme darkness. If you are planning to witness the blue fire, you have to start walking at 2 AM. Once at the top you have to descend again into the crater, wearing a mask to find the blue fire.

Things you need to bring for the hike :

  1. Torches (either hand torches or headlamps. We opted for the headlamps to keep our hands free), although I took both, just in case the battery would run out in the night
  2. Gloves (it is cold up there, but they even serve you well when you go down the crater and have to hold on to sharp rocks)
  3. Gas masks, which you need as protection against dense clouds of toxic gases like sulphur dioxide. You cannot stay for a long time in those gases without a mask. It all depends on the wind if you will encounter a lot of those toxic gases on the day of your climb.
  4. Some normal protection masks, just in case you don’t like to breathe in the sulphur smell and it disturbs you. Some people wore them already on the way leading to the crater rim, while others felt absolutely no need to use them at such an early stage. I was one of them not needing them early on, but it really varies from person to person. Go with what makes you comfortable. No advice fits all.
  5. Warm clothes. Now, do not expect the service of a “mobile second-hand winter clothes store” from your guide, but we were very lucky that Pierrick was so kind to come with a “magic” bag full of warm jackets, jumpers, etc. Let’s face it, who comes to Bali or lives there and has polar clothes in their suitcase.

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