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IJEN CRATER, Do you have a mesmerizing electric blue fire, streaming down the mountain during the night, a turquoise, tranquil, but highly toxic lake with a sunrise that leaves you in awe with various shades of pink and purple as a backdrop, yourself being enrobed in sulfur clouds, breathing into a gas mask, making you look like a soldier on a mission and passing men carrying for hours up to 90 kilos of sulfur in baskets on their shoulders in mind when planning a hike in Indonesia?

kawah ijen blue fire


Visit Ijen

East-Java is world-famous for its hikes at Bromo and Ijen. it’s common to go to both volcanos in an exceedingly 2-day Bromo and Ijen tour.

The hike to the highest of Ijen is unquestionably challenging. It takes about 1.5-hours to succeed in the crater lake with some very steep steps. the great thing is, there’s a well-marked path. You mustn’t worry to induce loss while walking in the dark.


Blue fire Ijen tour

The blue fire is a natural wonder that can only be seen at Ijen and in Iceland. It is only visible in the extreme darkness. If you are planning to witness the blue fire, you have to start walking at 1 AM. Once at the top you have to descend again into the crater, wearing a mask to find the blue fire.


Sunrise Ijen Crater

Sunrise is beautiful up here, the colours of the lake are highlighted, but the blue flames disappear at 5 am, so you have to come during the night if you want to see them.


Acid Lake

The turquoise lake in the crater of the Kawah Ijen volcano looks serene and inviting. It also happens to be the world’s largest acidic lake.

The water in the crater lake has a pH of less than 0.3 on a scale of 0 to 14 (7 is neutral). For comparison, lemon juice has a pH of 2; battery acid has a pH of 1. That acidity affects the chemistry of nearby river ecosystems, including the river Banyupahit.


Sulfur mining in Kawah Ijen

In East Java, Indonesia lies the Kawah Ijen volcano, 2,600 meters tall (8,660ft), topped with a large caldera and a 200-meter-deep lake of sulfuric acid. The quietly active volcano emits gases through fumaroles inside the crater, and local miners have tapped those gases to earn a living. Stone and ceramic pipes cap the fumaroles, and inside, the sulfur condenses into a molten red liquid, dripping back down and solidifying into pure sulfur.
Miners hack chunks off with steel bars, braving extremely dangerous gases and liquids with minimal protection, then load up as much as they can carry for the several kilometres to the weighing station. Loads can weigh from 45 to 90kg (100 – 200 lbs), and a single miner might make as many as two or three trips in a day. At the end of a long day, miners take home approximately Rp50,000 ($5.00 u.s.). The sulfur is then used for vulcanizing rubber, bleaching sugar, and other industrial processes nearby.

Ijen Crater Tour Offer

blue fire Ijen tour 2 day 1 Night From Bali

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Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta 3 Day 2 Night

Ijen Crater tour package from Bali 1 day


How to go to Ijen Crater

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