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Ijen tour from Banyuwangi 2 Day 1 Night | Ijen Expedition

Blue fire in the world | The Blue Fire of Ijen Crater

7 October 2022 291x Mount Ijen Crater

A natural phenomenon known as Blue fire is seen through volcanic gasses coming out of the ground at the Ijen volcano or Ijen crater on Banyuwangi, Java island, Indonesia. this phenomenon is the only one in the world This phenomenon... read more


Mount Ijen Volcano, East Java Indonesia | Kawah Ijen Volcano

5 October 2022 223x Mount Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Volcano, Ijen Crater, or Ijen plateau, additionally regarded as `Kawah Ijen’ is notably endorsed by nature fanatics and hikers. The Plateau turned into at one time a big lively crater, 134 sq km in area. Ijen is a... read more

Bromo-Ijen Madakaripura tour 3 Day

Mount Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya 1 day trip

Mount Bromo tour is a popular mountain as a natural holiday destination in Indonesia. Along with Mount Bromo is the Tumpak Sewu waterfall with a different beauty from Mount Bromo. Both of them are great pairs of destinations for anyone who loves... read more

Mount Ijen Tour Is A MUST On Your Next Trip To Bali

Mount Ijen Tour Is A MUST On Your Next Trip To Bali

22 April 2021 491x Articles, Mount Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Tour Is A MUST On Your Next Trip To Bali Mount Ijen Tour | The beautiful island of Bali has such a lot to supply, it is often nearly impossible to suit everything. one of the foremost exciting things it’s to supply are its famous active volcano... read more

Kawah Ijen Volcano the Largest Acidic Lake in the World


18 August 2014 153x Articles, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen Crater

Bromo Ijen tour Daily overland trip from Bali to Java for Mount Bromo Tours and Ijen Crater Trekking in East Java for your best  trip in Indonesia Tour Itinerary : Day 01: Bali to Mount Bromo Hotel Ijen expedition team... read more

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