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Ijen Crater Blue fire is the biggest crater lake in Java. The sulfur crater lake lies between a natural dam of deeply etched rock. It is 200 meters deep and contains about a 36million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulfur cloud. Inside the crater, the different colour and size of stones are found. Indeed the crater of Ijen is a beautiful garden of stone as well.

Ijen crater blue fire|Kawah Ijen blue fire

The view of sulfur miners who climb and go down to the crater is also amazing. A man puts about 10 kg of yellowish stone into his basket before he descends the mountain slope to sell his load, carrying the same basket, going in the same direction, digging the same mineral. It is the natural picture that can be seen every day.

Blue Fire

As with every natural sighting, its height and intensity depends on various conditions and cannot be predicted. The flames have been known to reach more than 5 meters in height but this is not always the case. No matter what, it is always a unique experience and you are guaranteed to get some pretty amazing photographs!

Ijen crater blue fire|Kawah Ijen blue fire

The lava molten rock that emerges from the Earth at ultra-high temperatures isn’t coloured significantly different than the lava at other volcanoes, which all differ slightly based on their mineral composition but appear a bright red or orange colour in their molten state.

But at Kawah Ijen, extremely high quantities of sulfuric gases emerge at high pressures and temperatures (sometimes more than 600°C) along with the lava.

Ijen crater blue fire|Kawah Ijen blue fire

When sulfur from within the volcano breaches the surface, it can reach temperatures up to 600°C( 1, 112°F), and therefore the sulfur immediately encounters lower temperatures and pressures at the surface, which causes the sulfur to right away ignite and erupt blue flames up to five metres( 16 ft) into the air.

How to see blue fire

Trekking to the summit of Mount Ijen to see blue fire began at midnight (around 1:00 dawn) of Pos Paltuding (the last post for all the Ijen crater tour to make the climb) with a long climb to the crater of Mount Ijen 1.5 to 2 hours trekking and so far 3 km.

Ijen crater blue fire|Kawah Ijen blue fire



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The best time to see Blue Fire | Ijen Crater

During the rainy season, Mt Ijen’s blue flames are weaker, while in the dry season they are bigger. The dry season, between July and September, is the best time to climb Mt Ijen. The sandy mountain path will be dry, hence it will not be slippery and be safer for visitors.

Ijen crater blue fire|Kawah Ijen blue fire


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