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The best time to visit ijen crater is between April and November as this is the dry season. If you choose to visit during November and March it is the rainy season ( difficult to prediction ) so the path can be quite muddy and slippery, which will make the hike substantially harder.

To see the famous blue fire (often mistakenly referred to as blue lava) you need to hike to the crater of the Kawah Ijen volcano before sunrise. This requires a very early start as it takes around 90-120 minutes to hike to the crater viewpoint. To get there in time you need to start the hike a minimum of 2 hours before sunrise, but preferably even earlier if possible!

If you aren’t interested in seeing the blue flames and would like to avoid the crowds then you can start the hike slightly later. By starting the hike up at around sunrise it will be less busy as most visitors will already be at the top by then. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to visit at sunset as the crater closes at noon each day.

Although the majority of Western tourists often overlook ijen crater in favour of visiting Bali, it has become an increasingly popular spot to visit. For Indonesian tourists though, Kawah Ijen is a major attraction. This means it can get extremely busy during weekends and public holidays.

If you have the time, we recommend planning an extra day or two in the area. Occasionally toxic gases are released from the crater, which results in Mount Ijen being closed off to tourists. If you’re unlucky enough to visit when it is closed, staying an extra day or two could end up being the difference between being able to visit and not being able to visit! Allowing the extra time also gives you a better chance of seeing the blue fire at the crater if you don’t make it in time on the first try.

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