Kawah Ijen (2386 m) is an active composite volcano located within the Pleistocene Ijen Caldera (old volcanic crater), at the easternmost part of Java island. The visible superficial manifestations of the hydrothermal system of Kawah Ijen’s activity consist of the world’s largest hyper acidic lake on Earth, a few thermal discharges and crater fumaroles which produce significant amounts of native sulfur.
The Ijen caldera complex measures approximately 210 km2. Its name is linked to that of the only currently active volcano within the caldera, Kawah Ijen. The caldera contains more than 15 post-caldera volcanic cones making it one of the top recommended area in the world for stunning volcanic scenery.


This location is a hilly forest was good and now easily accessible to the location of mountain forests in East Java, with good forest along the metal walkway c8km from a height of 1000m-1800m, and then a popular tourist trail to the crater lake ad wonderfull blue Ijen (c2340m) and Summit (c2368m).

At the time of writing species such as white-faced partridge, Orange-headed thrush, Sunda thrush, Javan banded pitta and Sunda Grasshopper (Javan Bush) Warblers are both relatively abundant.

For those visitors who want to have a reasonable chance of seeing the majority of montane endemics Java

ijen crater lake


Javan Hawk-Eagle, White-bellied Fantail, White-faced (Grey-breasted) Partridge, Green Junglefowl, Sunda Grasshopper Warbler (Javan/Russet Bush Warbler), Dark-backed Imperial Pigeon, Pink-headed Fruit Dove, Little & Ruddy (Parzudaki’s) Cuckoo-doves, (Bar-pouched) Wreathed Hornbill, Javan Banded Pitta, Horsfield’s (Scaly) Thrush, Black-banded Barbet, Blue-eared (‘Yellow-eared’) Barbet, Flame-fronted Barbet, Javan & Blue Whistling Thrushes, Pale Blue Jungle-Flycatcher, Checker-throated Woodpecker (Javan ‘Yellownape’), Grey & Buff (‘Red-crested’) Woodpecker, Crimson-winged Woodpecker, Javan (White-crowned) Forktail, Crescent-chested Babbler, White-bibbed Babbler, Horsfield’s Wren-Babbler, Large Wren-Babbler, Pygmy Cupwing (Wren-Babbler), Javan (Chestnut-backed) Scimitar-babbler; Lesser Shortwing, Orange-breasted Trogon, Javan Owlet, Javan Frogmouth, Javan (Blue-winged) Leafbird, Javan Helena (Grey-throated/Mees’s White-eye), Mountain White-eye, Javan (Sunda) Bulbul, Orange-spotted Bulbul, Javan (blood-breasted) Flowerpecker, White-flanked Sunbird, Sunda thrush, Temminck’s Babbler, Orange-headed thrush

ijen birding tour

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