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blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

Ijen crater|the lava molten rock that emerges from the Earth at ultra-high temperatures isn’t coloured significantly different than the lava at other volcanoes, which all differ slightly based on their mineral composition but appear a bright red or orange colour in their molten state.

But at Kawah Ijen, extremely high quantities of sulfuric gases emerge at high pressures and temperatures (sometimes more than 600°C) along with the lava.

When sulfur from within the volcano breaches the surface, it can reach temperatures up to 600°C( 1, 112°F), and therefore the sulfur immediately encounters lower temperatures and pressures at the surface, which causes the sulfur to right away ignite and erupt blue flames up to five metres( 16 ft) into the air.

blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

When we can see Blue fire? | Ijen Crater

This phenomenon can only be seen 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise. In other words ” we can see blue fire all night from 6 pm until 4.30 am.

blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

How to see blue fire

Trekking to the summit of Mount Ijen to see blue fire began at midnight (around 1:00 dawn) of Pos Paltuding (the last post for all the Ijen crater tour to make the climb) with a long climb to the crater of Mount Ijen 1.5 to 2 hours trekking and so far 3 km.

Tour Package for seeing Blue fire

Ijen Crater Tour From Banyuwangi 1 Day | Ijen Blue fire Tour

blue fire Ijen tour 2 day 1 Night From Bali

Bromo ijen tour 3 Day 2 Night From Surabaya

Why does Kawah Ijen have blue lava or Blue fire

The best time to see Blue Fire | Ijen Crater

During the rainy season, Mt Ijen’s blue flames are weaker, while in the dry season they are bigger. The dry season, between July and September, is the best time to climb Mt Ijen. The sandy mountain path will be dry, hence it will not be slippery and be safer for visitors.


why Ijen Crater have blue fire or Blue Lava?

Things you need to bring to see Blue fire

  • Torches  (both hand torches or headlamps. We opted for the headlamps to maintain our palms-free), although I took both, simply in case the battery might run out withinside the night

  • Gloves (it’s miles bloodless up there, however, they even serve you nicely whilst you pass down the crater and ought to preserve directly to sharp rocks)
  • Gas masks, that you want as safety in opposition to dense clouds of poisonous gases like sulphur dioxide.  You can not live for a long term in one’s gases without a mask.  It all relies upon the wind if you’ll stumble upon a number of the ones poisonous gases on the day of your climb.
  • Warm jacket. Now, do no longer count on the provider of a “cell second-hand iciness garments store”


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