Summer is coming, the holiday is starting. Summer is the best time for doing some vacation, be it in the mountain, beach, forest, or the other recreation area. ‘cause the summer is been like a best friend for travellers. When the summer is coming, less likely the rain and bad weather will occur. Thanks to the summer, the sun is shining brightly and sinks leaving its perfect rays.

Talk about the sinks down of the sun or its called Sunset, Banyuwangi city also has a sunset there is no less wonderful from the others. Precisely on the Red Island, Banyuwangi. Exactly, is Red Island.

The red island is one of the tourist attractions located at Pesanggaran Sub-district, Banyuwangi. This island has known because of the little green hill with red sand, which is located on the rim of the beach. Red Island Hill can be visited when the sea of water is receding.

Well, how we can go to Red Island and what can we see in there?

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All-access to the Red Island

Forgoes to the Red Island we can start the journey at any time. If you want longer at Red Island, you can choose the early morning time. But I’m more encouraging you to start the journey at 13.00 WIB (Indonesian West Time), in order to witness the beauty of the sunset on Red Island, Banyuwangi.

The road trip from Banyuwangi to Pesanggaran Village needs time around 1,5 – 2 hours. When on the trip you can use the maps or the road signs there is been provided for the tourist to make it easy. The rice fields area in Pesanggaran Village also beautiful, the colour is fresh green also the airs are very cool. You will arrive at Red Island in the afternoon. Fro the tourist, who is bringing the tent, you also allowed for stay overnight in Red Island while enjoying the sunset and sunrise on the next morning.

According to the local residents, stay overnight will be allowed, but on one condition the tourist is forbidden to stay overnight at the rim of the beach or decided line or the specified limit. Cause we are worried about the seawater will betide when on the night. So please for more respect, followed the rules.

Facilities Available

Around the island, there is so many the local residents are trading, such as simple shop, restaurant, also homestay that is provided for the tourists who want to stay overnight on there. Why?

Because in there we are not only can visit the Red Island, but there are so many wonderful places could visit: such as Sukamade Beach and The turtle’s conservation, Lampon Beach, And etcetera. Besides that, Red Island also provided several public facilities such as toilets, pray room, volleyball games area, parking area and also the relaxing place.

Well, what do you waiting for?

Summer is the best time for starting your journey. Time to set the schedule, and save the date to getting ready to welcome the summer. Make your day for more fun with a journey. Well, happy enjoying the summer guys!



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