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How do you get to Mount Bromo Indonesia?

Mount Bromo | To reach Mount Bromo, you can fly to Juanda international airport in Surabaya. There are direct flights to Surabaya from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hongkong, Jakarta, and Bali. From there, continue your journey to Mt Bromo by booking with a travel agent, or driving the Surabaya-Probolinggo-Cemara Lawang -Mt Bromo route.

How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

where is mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but the view of Bromo is amazing. The magnificent beauty of Mount Bromo makes tourists amazed. As an active volcano, Bromo is the main and popular tourist destination in East Java and always filled with domestic and international tourists even outside the holiday period. Foreign travellers usually visit the area on weekdays, meanwhile, locals mostly travel there on weekends.

How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

How to get there

You can reach Mount Bromo from a Surabaya airport, take public transportation or private transportation from Surabaya ( private tour more recommendation ) please click here for booking tour or private transportation. 

How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

If you’re coming from Bali or Jakarta or Yogyakarta, the easiest way to travel is to catch a train. You’ll arrive at Probollingo train station and then need to hop on a shared minibus that can drop you off at the bus station. Or for easier take a private tour from Bali or Jogjakarta.

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How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

More info

  • In addition to the National Park fees to visit Gunung Bromo, you’ll have to pay a fee to enter Cemoro Lawang just before the entrance to the village.
  • Bring all the cash you need as there are no ATMs. As well, be aware that medical facilities are basic.
  • It is going to be a dark headtorch and a jacket. If you need a jacket, you can rent it cheaply for 24 hours at some guesthouses.
  • Start your hike around 3-3:30 am in order to catch the sunrise at the summit. Even better, stop about a quarter of a mile from the summit (before the asphalt road) and get a more private view of the sunrise.
  • better if you take jeep rental for an easy trip

mount bromo

The best time to visit Mount Bromo

The best time to visit Mount Bromo is during the dry season from April to October. The incidence of rain is higher during the wet season from November to March, but the national park is still open to visitors during this period.

How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

How difficult is the trek?

Most of the trek is on the relatively flat and sandy ground except for the flight of stairs from Mt Bromo base to its top. It is a relatively easy trek more akin to Mac Ritchie trail walking than to Mount Ophir (Steep-slope) trekking. However, this trek cannot be underestimated as well, as it is definitely more strenuous than a walk in the park.

How to get to Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia

The terrain is very sandy and is exposed to the elements; the trek itself is on open space with no shelter or canopy cover to shield off the strong sun – (where the sun may be especially strong at such altitudes). As the return trek between the car park and Mount Bromo summit takes about 2-3 hours; the trek may be too strenuous for the elderly. However, it is definitely suitable for beginners who exercise regularly.


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